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Other Internet applicationsInternet

SMTP email server

Using our SMTP Mail Server application that we have developed, we can automate email processing and responses directly on your Web server.

Peer to peer Internet applicationsPeer to peer

Full peer to peer communication via the Internet has many possibilities.  One application we have developed allows messaging and secure file transfers directly between two machines connected to the Internet without the need for transmitting all the data through your central Web server.

ActiveX controls

These are used when there is a requirement to do more on the client machine than the normal combination of HTML and JavaScript will allow.  They are effectively a program which runs on the client machine but within the control of the Web browser.

Non-Interactive controls

For non-interactive controls we can create an embedded COM object which has the advantage of being much smaller and cleaner than a standard ActiveX control.

Signing ActiveX controls

We can also assist you with obtaining a Class 3 developers certificate to allow you to sign your own identity onto your ActiveX controls.