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Static Websites

Static Websites The Web is a great place to advertise your Company and let others know what you do and what services you offer.  Static pages can also be used to provide an online catalogue of products or services available and is a good way of keeping existing customers up-to-date with your latest news and special offers.


Hypertext Mark-up Language is the basic building block for all Web sites; it is a presentation language that defines how objects (text and images) are displayed in the client browser. It is important to remember that HTML is not a procedural language and is not capable of performing as program code; it is merely a presentation definition language.


Dynamic HTML is not exactly a separate language, although some parts of it are, but mostly it refers to the ability to change the properties of HTML objects dynamically (at run time) usually in response to an event initiated by the user.


JavaScript is a full procedural programming language, albeit a rather junior one, which is built into the Web browser. JavaScript code can be incorporated into your HTML page and can be triggered by the events of HTML objects.  It can, in turn, change the properties of HTML objects - see Dynamic HTML.  This is not to be confused with Java which is much bigger and an entirely different beast altogether - about the only similarity is the name!

Macromedia Flash

This is not an open Web standard but is still quite a popular method of providing your site with moving animations.  In order to run a flash animation within a Web browser the client machine will need to download the Macromedia Flash ActiveX control and in most cases this happens almost transparently.  It can also be used to create online presentations; to give you an idea of what is possible here's one we made earlier.

ActiveX controls

See ActiveX controls in our Internet applications page.

Search Engine Optimization

Computer programs or Web sites that offer to increase your traffic by submiting your site to multiple search engines DO NOT WORK, they are more likely to reduce your page ranking in the search engines than increase it.

One of the most common mistakes preventing a site being indexed by the search engines is invalid HTML, many of the graphical 'Web design' tools actually produce invalid HTML.  Although your Web pages may look fine in Internet Explorer, which is very lax in it's rendering of HTML, this does not mean that the search engine bots will be able to read it, they tend to adhere much more strictly to the W3CTicked checkboxHTML standards.  Also remember that any text within a Flash animation will not be visible to the search engine indexing bots.