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Dynamic pages - eCommerce & eBusiness

Database Web access

Static Web sites are good at what they do but they are just that, Static.  Database connectivity is the next logical step in the evolution of the Web and linking a Web site to a Database opens up a huge range of previously unimaginable possibilities.  The potential of this particular aspect of the Internet is only just beginning to be appreciated and is currently much under-utilised.  Take a look at our Web server, Peer to peer and Internet applications pages for more information.

Non-public Web pages

Even though the Internet is renowned as public not all Web pages have to be publicly accessible.  For instance, we could create a secure part of your site that is accessible only by your authorised customers, thereby allowing them direct access to your live data, current stock levels, etc.


XML is essentially a data definition language which provides a standard protocol for transferring data.  However, when combined with XSL, which defines how the XML data is displayed, it provides an alternative method of displaying data in a table on your Web page instead of using an HTML table.