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Web Services Applications

XML Web Services - what are they?

Web Services - Techno Babble An XML Web Service allows a Web page to call a program on the Web server (or on a different Web server) and to receive the result without reloading the whole page.  Your Web Service could expose functionality on your Web server that other Web pages could then use, or alternatively your Web page could call a function published on someone else's Web server.  This particular facet of the Web is currently receiving a fair amount of attention due to Microsoft's .Net.  However, it should be remembered that XML Web Services do not depend upon .net rather that .net is simply one way of consuming or publishing a Web Service.


Simple Object Access Protocol is an enhancement to XML Web Services and provides standard protocol for an XML Web Service to call a particular method within a program on a Web server and receive the result, including provision for reporting errors.  Although this has always been possible, even without XML, it was quite an involved task and most Web designers were unaware that it could be done.  Using SOAP and XML for Web Services provides a simple and open means of accessing them with a standard protocol.

Object Messaging Protocol

Remote Object update

Using our proprietary Object Messaging Protocol, individual items on your Web page can be updated in real time so that those currently browsing will see the object change immediately without the need for continuously reloading the whole HTML page or frame.  Very useful if you want your Web Site to display frequently updating items such as a Stock Broker displaying current market prices.

Instant messaging

HTML chat

Using only HTML and similarly open Web standards this allows either one-to-one chat or group meetings directly within the Web Browser.  It requires neither an ActiveX control nor any additional Program to install and as this runs within the Web browser there are none of the normal problems encountered with using chat through a Corporate Firewall.

Message Live

Our Message Live forum/message board differs from most in that it will update you browser automatically with any new messages immediately they are added, whereas other message boards wait until you next refresh the page before displaying the latest updates.

Team Collaboration Portal

This is designed to keep teams of remote workers in contact with each other through the use of Instant Messaging, Group Chat, File Transfers & Sharing and Online Alerting.

Message boards/forums

Secure messaging